Lullwater Park

Hidden gem Lullwater Park is renowned for its peaceful beauty and historic charm. It is situated on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia. This 154-acre park is the perfect location for a family picture shoot because it has a serene lake, the historic Lullwater House, beautiful trails, and an abundance of vegetation. The park’s natural beauty is at its height in the spring and fall, which makes for an ideal time to visit and take beautiful pictures of the scenery.

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The Pros at Lullwater Park

Scenic Beauty: Lullwater Park offers a variety of picturesque settings, including a serene lake, historic stone bridge, and lush wooded areas, providing multiple options for beautiful and diverse family photos.

Peaceful Atmosphere: Unlike more crowded parks, Lullwater Park tends to be quieter and more secluded, allowing for a more relaxed and intimate photoshoot experience.

Family-Friendly Trails: The park features well-maintained trails that are easy to navigate, making it convenient for families with young children and strollers to explore and find the perfect photo spots.

The Cons at Lullwater Park

Limited Accessibility: Lullwater Park is located on a university campus, which can limit access to certain areas and may require some walking to reach the most picturesque spots.

Permit Requirements: For professional photography, a permit from Emory University may be required. This involves additional planning and potential costs.

Weather Dependence: As with any outdoor location, weather conditions can impact your photoshoot. Rain or extreme temperatures can disrupt plans, so it’s essential to have a backup plan or an alternate date.


Lullwater Park is a great place for family portraits since it combines natural beauty, old world charm, and a serene ambiance. The park’s distinct and varied landscapes make it a worthy choice for capturing treasured family memories, even though access and weather issues necessitate some forethought. Lullwater Park has a serene lake, historical features, and an abundance of vegetation, making it an ideal setting for your family’s photograph.