McDaniel Farm Park

Experience the rich history of Georgia farming at McDaniel Farm Park, tracing its roots to an 1820 land lottery acquisition and subsequently owned by the McDaniel family until 1999. Utilizing the 125-acre tract, they sustained themselves by cultivating crops and timber, erecting structures like the farmhouse in 1874. Stroll along the park’s trails to encounter original buildings such as the barn, well house, chicken coop, and blacksmith shed, along with a restored tenant farmer house, and gardens showcasing vegetables and flowers. Additionally, indulge in a scenic 2.3-mile walking trail, predominantly asphalt with wheelchair-friendly surfaces, complemented by bridges spanning Sweet Water Creek. The trail boasts ample seating, swings, covered gathering areas, a dog park, and a playground, albeit with slightly more elevation changes than previous routes. Adjacent, the McDaniel Farm Historic site offers diverse buildings and artifacts for exploration, all free of charge, making it a fitting post-walk activity.

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  • Spreading across 134 acres in Gwinnett County, McDaniel Farm Park encapsulates a significant portion of Georgia’s agricultural heritage.
  • The park is a comprehensive haven, boasting trails, wildlife, a babbling brook, and historic structures alongside the playground, offering something for every visitor to enjoy.
  • The historic section of the park has undergone meticulous restoration, preserving its rich heritage for visitors to explore and appreciate.
  • Farm tours are offered at specific intervals, providing visitors with the opportunity to delve deeper into the agricultural legacy of the area.
  • The park offers abundant picturesque scenery, enriching the visitor experience with its natural beauty.
  • The park features impeccably maintained historic buildings, including a farmhouse, open fields, and a barn, all contributing to its authentic ambiance.


  • The park may not provide an extensive variety of photo backdrops as some other parks.
  • Not all pathways are paved throughout the park.

Good areas for photos:

  • The barn, a prominent feature of the park, stands as a testament to the area’s agricultural heritage and serves as a focal point for visitors to explore and appreciate.
  • The park is adorned with a lush oak and pine forest, providing a tranquil backdrop and inviting visitors to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.
  • Expansive fields sprawl across the park, offering open spaces for leisurely strolls and recreational activities amidst the natural surroundings.
  • An antique truck, emblematic of bygone eras, adds a touch of nostalgia to the park’s landscape, evoking a sense of history and charm for visitors to admire.