Prospect Farms

Prospect Farms, located at 1839 Prospect Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, is one of Northeast Atlanta’s most sought-after family session locations. Its diverse natural backdrops create timeless photos that you’ll cherish forever. From my experience, the best times to visit are early in the morning (8-10 AM) or during sunset (5-7 PM), though these times may vary depending on the season.

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Family session at Prospect Farm Lawrenceville

The Pros at The Prospect Farms

Scenic Beauty: The expansive fields, lush greenery, and beautiful gardens provide diverse and picturesque backdrops. The natural light here is exceptional.

Timeless Charm: Features like a greenhouse, outdoor wildflower fields, swings, wooden fences, and natural pathways add a timeless quality to your family photos.

Seasonal Versatility: This location is stunning in every season, ensuring unique photos year-round.

The Cons at The Prospect Farms

Weather Dependency: Outdoor locations require a flexible schedule or a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Travel Distance: While it may be a bit of a drive from downtown Atlanta, the trip is worthwhile.

Limited Amenities: Be prepared with snacks, drinks, and essentials, as conveniences like restrooms are limited.


If you’re looking to create timeless family portraits, Prospect Farms is the place to go. The beautiful backdrop, unique farm elements, and ample space for kids to pose for fun photos make it a memorable experience for the whole family. If you’re seeking a family photographer in Atlanta who offers sessions at this location, contact me, and I’ll work with you to plan your perfect family session!