St. Ives Country Club

History of the Venue

St. Ives Country Club is located in Johns Creek and features a stunning 45,000-square-foot stone-encased clubhouse perched atop one of North Fulton County’s highest points. When you step inside, it’s like stepping into an 18th-century English country manor. You’ve got full-height mahogany paneling, dazzling crystal chandeliers, exquisite woven carpets from the Far East, and luxurious silk wall coverings – it’s absolutely breathtaking.

St. Ives Country Club is all about combining private elegance with top-notch service to cater to your every wedding need. Their Ballroom can handle up to 175 guests for a cocktail-style event or 120 for a seated affair. Meanwhile, the cozy Mayfair room can accommodate 75 guests for cocktails or up to 50 for a seated event. When you put these spaces together, you’ve got an awesome setup for larger special events.

But the real treat is the exclusive culinary artistry they offer. They’ll create a menu that matches your personal style and even help you curate the little details to leave a lasting impression on your guests. And don’t forget their deluxe bar services, complete with a fantastic selection of award-winning wines. 

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

St Ives Country Club offers a wide range of captivating spaces that can be customized to suit your event’s needs. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, this venue has you covered.

The Grand Ballroom: The crown jewel of St Ives, the Grand Ballroom, is a stunning space that can accommodate up to 300 guests. With its high ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and panoramic views of the lush golf course, it provides an unparalleled atmosphere for a wedding reception. The spacious dance floor ensures that you and your guests can dance the night away in style.

The Garden Courtyard: For those dreaming of an outdoor ceremony or reception, the Garden Courtyard is an ideal choice. Surrounded by manicured gardens and framed by a charming gazebo, it’s a romantic setting that can be transformed to match your vision. This space is perfect for a springtime wedding or an alfresco cocktail hour.

The Oak Room: For a warmer gathering, the Oak Room offers a cozy atmosphere. It boasts a rustic elegance, with visible wooden beams and a stone fireplace, making it an excellent choice for smaller weddings or trial dinners.

Pricing and Packages

There are three main types of rates at this venue. The wedding ceremony fee, the room rental rate, and food & beverage minimums.

For ceremony fee, there are four places to choose from:

Upper Championship Tee starting at $1,500 (seats 90 max)

Lower Championship Tee starting at $2,000 (seats 150 max)

Mayfair Room starting at $600 (under 60 guests)

Windsor Ballroom starting at $1,500 (seat 180 max)

For the reception on Saturday, from 6-10pm, the rates are as follows:

Mayfair Room at $425 with 60 capacity

Windsor Ballroom at $1,850 with 180 guest capacity

Upper Level Clubhouse at $4,000 with 300 guest capacity

Note that St Ives Country club does not allow ceremonies only. Therefore, both ceremony and reception must be done at the same place

During high season on a Saturday, the food & beverage minimum is at $10,000. In the off-season it’s at $7,500. 

If you are doing a Saturday wedding during high season, with ceremony at the lower Championship Tee, reception at upper level clubhouse, the cost is around $16,000 excluding tax, service fee and other miscellaneous charges.

Reviews and Testimonials

Many clients have praised the exceptional service, attention to detail, and the picturesque beauty of the venue. Brides and grooms often speak of how their special day was made even more memorable by the dedicated staff at St Ives, who went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was perfect.

The elegant architecture of the club, both inside and out, adds a touch of eternal beauty to photos. Whether you’re taking group photoshoots on the grand staircase or capturing candid moments in the Oak Room, you’ll find that every angle of St Ives offers a chance for a memorable photo.

Photo Opportunities

The beautiful green, with its moving slopes and glittering ponds, gives an elevated setting. Nightfall photographs against this background are especially eminent, making a heartfelt mood that couples will surely appreciate.

The exquisite engineering of the club, both all around, adds a dash of timeless magnificence to photographs. From the staircase to the courtyard, you’ll find that each point of St Ives offers an opportunity for a significant photograph.