Sugarloaf Country Club

Situated in Duluth, Georgia, Sugarloaf Country Club is a private neighborhood distinguished by its breathtaking scenery and opulent facilities. This charming location is perfect for family portraits because of its well-kept grass, exquisite buildings, and tranquil lakes. When the flowers are in full bloom and the foliage is at its most brilliant, spring or fall are the ideal seasons to visit.

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The Pros at Sugarloaf Country Club

Exclusive Setting: The private nature of the country club ensures a more controlled and less crowded environment, allowing for a relaxed and focused photoshoot.

Luxurious Atmosphere: The upscale ambiance of the club, with its grand architecture and well-kept grounds, adds an element of sophistication to family photos, making them look polished and timeless.

Versatile Locations: From the golf course and clubhouses to the scenic walking paths and playgrounds, there are numerous spots within the club that cater to different themes and styles for your photoshoot.

The Cons at Sugarloaf Country Club

Access Restrictions: As a private club, access is restricted to members and their guests. This limitation might require planning ahead to secure permission or arrange for a member to accompany you.

Cost: The exclusivity and luxurious nature of the club may come with higher costs, either for membership, guest passes, or special arrangements for photoshoots.

Weather Considerations: Like any outdoor location, weather can impact the photoshoot. While the club offers some indoor facilities, the best photos are typically captured outdoors, making weather a crucial factor.


Sugarloaf Country Club is an excellent choice for a family photoshoot, offering a blend of stunning landscapes, exclusivity, and a luxurious atmosphere. While access and cost may require some planning, the beauty and versatility of the location make it a worthwhile investment for capturing timeless family moments. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated, polished setting or a charming natural backdrop, Sugarloaf Country Club provides an ideal environment for creating lasting memories.