The Best Engagement Photo Ideas for Your Inspiration

Taking engagement photos is an amazing idea for so many reasons. Wondering why? It is one of the most beautiful ways to express what you truly feel inside, portraying your emotions and capturing all the excitement leading up to your big day. As an experienced photographer, I have covered many different engagement sessions throughout the years. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to round up some of my favorite engagement photo ideas. Explore them below and choose the one that you like best!

Holding Hands Shot

This is a classic shot expressing the essence of the union between the two of you. It looks truly memorable, especially when scheduled during the golden hour light. If you want your photographer to zoom in, don’t forget to clean your rings and have a manicure done in advance. Typically, I recommend that my clients use early sunrise or sunset hours when the light is low.

Sharing a Tender Kiss

How about the idea of giving your guests a preview of your kiss as a married couple in one of the most unique engagement photo poses? It shows you clearly care for each other and is always fun to shoot. You can place your hand on the face or the shoulder to show off your ring as an added bonus.

Walking Hand in Hand

This is yet another classic engagement photo idea, which I truly love capturing. You can just grab each other’s hands and walk at a normal pace. As you walk, you change your position to let your photographer get candid shots. Some popular ideas include walking sideways with one of you leading the other and holding hands. Try sharing moments of laughter for some beautiful shots, but avoid looking down.

Playful Piggyback Shot

If you want to explore the playful side of your personality, hop on your fiance’s back for a piggyback ride. He can walk for a while and spin you around. Irrespective of the movements happening, be sure to engage in conversation and smiles to give the photos an authentic feel.

Showing off the Ring in Style

It’s your engagement photo session, so why not show off the shiny, beautiful ring in style? This is another one of the unique engagement photo ideas that you can achieve by either holding hands or placing a hand with a ring on your fiance’s shoulder. 

Hug from Behind

How about the idea of embracing each other? You can experiment with this shot while sitting down or standing. The one sitting in front can lift their hands up to hold the arms of the other. 


A twirling pose will make one of the best engagement photo ideas if you wish to capture your fun side. It truly makes for a light but heartfelt pose and can easily show off your style and personality. Just hold your partner’s hand tightly and let him lift you up in the air while you twirl. You can try to have some music in the background to get the rhythm going. Also, if you want to take it to the next level, wear a long, flowy dress to create an amazing shape when twirling.

A Classic Portrait

Stand next to your partner and wrap your arms around him. Be sure to turn your face towards the camera in a smiling pose. Let the photographer zoom in to focus on both of you as a couple and crop out all distracting elements in the background.

Forehead Kiss

This tender, intimate moment is always on my list of engagement photo ideas that beautifully capture love between the engaged couple. It can easily be achieved when you are standing and facing each other. Otherwise, it can be done the other way around when you are sitting, lifting your head, and your partner kissing you on the forehead. The key to a successful shot is to relax, be present in the moment, and let your genuine emotions show.

Looking Towards the Horizon

This engagement photo pose is perfect when you are closer to a beach. You can face the horizon while holding hands as if looking for a bright future together. Usually, most photo poses have couples looking at each other, so try looking in the same direction.

Capturing Emotions

Engagement sessions are all about celebrating moments and celebrating your relationship. That is why it is essential to make yourself feel comfortable. One of the unique engagement photo ideas is to whisper into your partner’s ear and let the photographer capture the intense emotional scene that unfurls. 

Popping Champagne

Honestly, I love this idea of popping a bottle of champagne for a celebratory engagement shoot. So, for this engagement pose, one of you can hold the champagne and open it while the other can stand close by. Be sure not to shake the bottle too much, or it will spray around and ruin your outfits. Also, you can use the champagne you just pooped to pour and drink in two flute glasses. To celebrate your engagement and the shoot’s success, make an actual toast for a couple of additional lovely shots.

Tip- try to do this pose towards the end of the shoot just in case the champagne accidentally spills on your dress.

With this, I conclude the list of some of my favorite and most popular engagement photo ideas list. I hope these ideas will serve as an inspiration for your upcoming engagement session. Typically, I recommend my clients to experiment with various poses, as you never know which photo may turn out to be the best. 

I love photographing engagement sessions, and if you are looking for guidance or need my assistance while crafting the best engagement photo ideas for the day, let me know! I would love to plan a beautiful session to capture some of the most timeless memories from the best day of your life. And if you’re looking for a more extensive list of poses, contact me to share my ultimate engagement photo guide. Also, don’t forget to read through my next for more inspirational tips and ideas.