The Southern Exchange Ballrooms


The Southern Exchange Ballrooms is where rich history meets modern elegance. It’s the top event venue in downtown Atlanta, offering a blend of deep historical significance and contemporary glamour. Designed by Philip Shutze, a famous classical architect in Atlanta, and opened in 1927, Southern Exchange Ballrooms preserves the elegance of a past era while being beautifully updated for today’s events.

History of Southern Exchange Ballrooms

The Southern Exchange Ballrooms has a fascinating history dating back to 1891 when the Davison & Douglas company first opened its doors in downtown Atlanta at the Peachtree and Ellis corner. This was a time of growth and expanding railroads in the South, and the store quickly became a popular shopping spot for women.

From 1901 to 1927, it was known as Davison-Paxon-Stokes. Then, in 1927, R.H. Macy bought the store and enlisted the famous architect Philip Shutze to design a grand store on Peachtree Street, now known as 200 Peachtree Street. It started as Davison’s but later became the iconic Macy’s.

The entrance on Peachtree had a luxurious cosmetics and jewelry area, which is now the Southern Exchange Ballroom. Inspired by Macy’s flagship store in New York, the mezzanine provides a splendid view of crystal chandeliers.

Reception and Ceremony Places

One of the marvel characteristics of Southern Exchange Ballrooms is its diverse exhibition of ceremony and reception spaces. Whether you visualize an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, this venue has it all: The magnificent chandeliers, well-crafted ceiling feature, and classic ballroom that creates a dazzling atmosphere for your special day, allowing you to bask yourself in the prosperous history of this iconic venue.

The Southern Exchange Ballrooms show off a diverse selection of ceremony and reception spaces that cater to every couple’s vision:  

Whitehall Ballroom: An intimate space with a wraparound balcony for cocktail parties, ideal for exchanging vows with up to 1075 of your closest family and friends.  

The Davison Ballroom: For those seeking luxuriousness, the Davison Ballroom is the perfect option. With its diverse doorway, built-in sound system, it comfortably lodges up to 1300 guests for a splendid reception.  

Grant Loft: The Grant Loft provides an elegant outdoor garden area with 4,000 square feet-Stained Concrete Floor Exposed brick walls Vintage Brass Dome Lighting Amber Down Lights, perfect for couples wishing an al fresco ceremony with a feel of natural view.  

Pricing and Packages

Southern Exchange Ballrooms provides a range of pricing options and packages to accommodate diverse needs and budgets:

This pricing applies to all events and ranges from $1,500 to $6,000. Additionally, there are bar packages and food options available, with costs ranging from $100 to $200 per person.

Reviews and Testimonials

Southern Exchange Ballrooms has earned a remarkable collection of glowing testimonials from couples who celebrated their weddings at this stunning venue. Marisa W. describes it as a “spectacular venue” with a team that made sure their vision was executed perfectly. Carolina S. found the venue breathtaking at a bridal expo and, despite parking concerns, was captivated by its beauty. Ashley had a gala event at the Grant Loft and praised its beautiful ambiance, perfect layout, and convenient location. These testimonials reflect the exceptional service and commitment of the Southern Exchange Ballrooms team, leaving couples with unforgettable wedding experiences and heartfelt praise for this remarkable venue.

Photo Opportunities

Preserving your cherished wedding memories through photographs is a vital aspect of your special day, and Southern Exchange Ballroom provides an abundance of enchanting photo locations to ensure your memories are captured in style

Davison Ballroom: This elegant space offers a timeless backdrop for your wedding photos, exuding classic charm and sophistication.

Southern Heat Ballroom: With its contemporary ambiance and modern flair, the Southern Heat Ballroom provides a chic setting for capturing your special moments.

Southern Exchange Atlanta: This venue’s unique design and architectural details create a captivating backdrop for your wedding photography, adding a touch of distinction to your memories.

The Cellar Southern: The Cellar Southern offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere, perfect for capturing candid and heartfelt moments that reflect the essence of your day.

Grain Exchange Grand Ballroom: This grand and opulent ballroom provides a majestic setting for your wedding photos, allowing you to create grand and timeless memories.

With such a diverse range of settings, Southern Exchange Ballroom ensures that your wedding memories are not only preserved but also beautifully enriched with a variety of styles and atmospheres, guaranteeing that every moment is captured in the most stylish and memorable way possible.

The Southern Exchange Ballroom in Atlanta, USA, is not just a venue; it’s a jewel where timeless elegance meets modern luxury. Its rich history, versatile spaces, customizable packages, glowing reviews, and breathtaking photo opportunities combine to create the wedding of your dreams. Contact Southern Exchange Ballroom today and embark on a journey toward a magical wedding day in the heart of Atlanta.