The Whitlock Inn

Are you a bride-to-be in search of the perfect wedding venue that effortlessly combines history, elegance, and charm? Look no further than The Whitlock Inn, an enduring gem nestled in the heart of Marietta, Georgia. In this detailed guide, we are here to help you discover the allure of this exceptional venue. Let’s embark on an exciting journey as we delve into the captivating history of this location. We will explore the beautiful ceremony and reception spaces, providing you with a thorough overview of each area. Furthermore, we will unveil transparent pricing and package options, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect. As we continue, we will showcase genuine reviews and testimonials from couples who have celebrated their special day here. Lastly, we will reveal the enchanting photo opportunities that will turn your wedding day into a cherished memory. Join us on this captivating adventure!

History of The Whitlock Inn

In the 1890s, the renowned M.G. Whitlock House, a 150-room resort in Marietta, unfortunately succumbed to a fire, leaving behind a rich legacy. This splendid establishment had once been a sought-after destination for travelers seeking respite from the scorching coastal towns as they ventured into the cooler Georgia foothills. Spanning nearly the entire Whitlock Road block, it had stood as a symbol of grandeur.

Fast forward to 1900, a portion of this historic property found a new purpose. Herbert C. Dobbs and his wife Annie seized the opportunity and constructed a magnificent Victorian mansion for their family of eight. Little did they know that this mansion would go on to become the beloved Whitlock Inn, a place that has served various roles over the years.

Throughout its remarkable 120-year history, the Whitlock Inn has been a family retreat, a haven for seniors, a cozy bed and breakfast, and today, a celebrated award-winning event venue. Its walls have witnessed countless love stories, and now, they eagerly await the opportunity to become the backdrop for yours. The Whitlock Inn invites you to contribute your chapter to its enduring narrative of romance and celebration.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

The Whitlock Inn offers a variety of enchanting spaces suitable for both your ceremony and reception. Picture the Garden Arbor, adorned with fragrant flowers and lush vegetation, setting the stage for a heartfelt outdoor ceremony. Imagine exchanging vows under the clear Georgia sky, surrounded by the natural beauty that makes this venue truly exceptional.

When it comes to your reception, the opulent mansion awaits your celebration. The Whitlock Inn exudes Southern charm and elegance, making it an ideal setting to honor your love. Its beautifully appointed rooms, historic details, and expansive veranda create an inviting atmosphere for your guests to savor a delectable meal and dance the night away.

Whether you envision an intimate social gathering or a grand festival, The Whitlock Inn offers a range of options to bring your vision to life. It transcends being merely a venue; it becomes the canvas where your dream wedding becomes a tangible reality.

Pricing and Packages

There are rental fee and ceremony fee that you will have to total before making a payment. From researching online and checking Weddingwire and The Knot, rental fee is around $4,000-$5,000 per event. Rental fee include tables, chairs, decorations for the walkway as well as event design. In addition, you also get a day coordinator at this location. For ceremony fee it’s $1,000 or more. It includes folding chairs, ornamental white columns, and a rehearsal.

Please check with the venue director for the most up-to-date pricing information!

Surveys and Testimonials

Couples who chose The Whitlock Inn for their weddings unanimously praised the venue. Allow the words of delighted couples who have celebrated their love at The Whitlock Inn to speak for themselves. Sarah and Mark described it as a “magical” experience with attentive staff and timeless charm. Emily and James found it to be a perfect blend of history and modern elegance, exceeding their expectations. Jessica and Michael highlighted the stunning photo opportunities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a venue that combines history, style, and natural beauty.

These genuine testimonials provide only a glimpse of the love and gratitude couples hold for this exceptional venue. When you opt for The Whitlock Inn, you’re not just selecting a beautiful backdrop for your wedding; you’re enlisting the support of a dedicated team committed to making your day truly extraordinary.

Photograph Opportunities

One of the standout features of The Whitlock Inn is the abundance of picturesque photo opportunities it offers. From the moment you set foot on the property, you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty and historical charm, providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

For outdoor, the front and back garden are the must-go places for wedding portraits. I highly encourage taking pictures at the front yard with the Whitlock Inn as the background for one of your wedding photos. For the backyard, it has a lot of tall trees surrounding it to give you open shades even if you are taking pictures on a sunny day.

For indoors, there are multiple rooms with good natural light to take pictures. The venue has a great timeless decor which serves as an elegant backdrop for any indoor photography. .

The Whitlock Inn is more than just a wedding venue; it’s a living embodiment of history and a canvas for your love story. With its rich heritage, versatile spaces, transparent pricing, and glowing reviews, it’s the perfect place to bring your dream wedding to life. When you choose The Whitlock Inn, you’re not merely booking a venue; you’re embarking on a journey that will culminate in a day you’ll cherish forever. Contact them today to begin planning your special wedding at this historic gem. Your dream wedding begins at The Whitlock Inn!