Top questions you need to ask your wedding photographer

Planning for your special day is undoubtedly a comprehensive task. However, choosing your dream photographer is the other thing you need to pay attention to. Though you may find it a daunting task, it is the most important decision you will make. Why? Because your wedding photos will form timeless memories from your special day. Therefore, it’s essential to find someone with whom you feel comfortable, who is professional, and whose artistic approach matches your vision. As a wedding photographer myself, I know how dreadful it can be to find a person who meets your criteria. For that reason, I’ve made a list of important questions to ask wedding photographers. These wedding photographer checklist questions will help ensure you choose the best one. So, let’s delve into them!

Is a photographer available on your date?

You may feel this is an obvious question to ask a wedding photographer, but trust me, the best professional photographers get booked up to 2 years in advance. So, during your first meeting, don’t forget to ask them whether they are free for your big date. This will save you plenty of time, as you will know- from the very start- whether you should continue discussing the details or if you should look for someone else.

For how long have you been a photographer?

Ideally, the photographer you’ll end up choosing will have years of experience in the industry. The benefit of hiring an experienced professional is that they’ll know exactly when and where to be present. Although it doesn’t mean hiring someone relatively new in the business will be a huge mistake, remember that experience is valuable.

Can I see previous work?

Before making a final decision, remember to ask for the photographer’s portfolio or recent work. This will give you an idea of their style and the way they work. Looking at the portfolio will provide you with insight into whether the photographer is consistent with their style and design. Moreover, it will help you determine whether they will be capable of offering exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t forget to include it in your wedding photographer checklist.

What packages do you offer?

By asking for the packages each photograph offers, you will get an idea of the deliverables. It will help you discover how many hours are included in the package, whether they do engagement shoots, and how long it will take to receive them. If you are tight in budget, it is best to speak to the photographer in detail and negotiate the pricing.

Do you have insurance?

Insurance is vital, especially in the event of an accident. So make sure to ask the photographer if they carry full public liability insurance. Some venues require photographers to carry proof of instance before they can work on the venue premises. Be sure to check it to avoid any surprises later.

How much deposit is required, and if it is refundable?

The deposit you will pay is meant to secure the photographer for your chosen date. It is generally paid upon booking. All payments you make must be given in writing by the photographer. You must also check the possibilities if there are chances of changing the date. 

What photography style do you specialize in?

Photographers specialize in different styles of photography. For example- some love doing black and white, and portraits include elements of traditional or documentary. The traditional style of photography focuses more on classic and group shots, while the contemporary style focuses on editorial and is fashion-led. This is yet another reason why you should always look at the portfolio and discuss their personal style. Therefore, don’t forget to add this question to your wedding photographer meeting checklist! 

Are there any additional costs you may have to incur?

Most photographers offer a range of packages covering different budget requirements. However, even if the packages are defined, don’t forget to check if there are any additional costs. Be straightforward and transparent; check if there are any overtime fees, and if yes, what are they?

What is your cancellation policy?

No couple would ever think about canceling a wedding. However, it is always good to be prepared for the worst. So, ask about the consequences with the photographer if you need to cancel your contract for any reason. Check how much notice they require and how much deposit you lose if it happens. 

Keep in mind this question to ask wedding photographers because you will be glad you discussed it in advance if you’re required to cancel.

How long will it take to provide photos?

Depending on your request, the timeframes for receiving final photos may vary from weeks to months. Most photographers can provide sample photos the very next day for you to share on social media or with family and friends. But still, you should get a clear answer as to when you can expect to receive the final set. Also, if you order a printed album, the timeframe for the delivery may increase. Sometimes, it may take up to 3 months or even more, but you will probably receive a soft copy of the photos earlier.

Are you going to take photos, or will it be someone else?

There is always a good chance that you are interacting with the head of the company and not the person who would be dealing with you directly. While they may delegate it to their team members, it is important to let the people know your expectations. Get all the essential details and learn who will photograph your special day.

Have you covered events at the same venue before?

This is another essential question to ask a wedding photographer. Check if they have covered any other events in your chosen venue before. If they have, it would mean they are already familiar with the property and will know how to work their way around it. However, even if the photographer hasn’t already worked there, they can always make a quick visit to explore it before the actual day arrives. 

How far from the big day the engagement session should be scheduled?

When a couple reaches out to me about scheduling an engagement session, I usually ask them if they will use the engagement photos for print, save-the-date or invites, etc. In that case, we need to book an engagement shoot well beforehand. Generally, I recommend planning the session at least 6-8 months before the big date.

These were the most important questions to ask a wedding photographer before bringing him on board. Trust me; marriage photos are so special that you will reminisce about them for years to come. Therefore, make sure to find a photographer whose style and personality match yours. 

I hope you find the article informative and helpful. For more information and detailed insights, don’t forget to follow my next blog. And if you are looking for a professional photographer to cover your day, let’s connect! I would love to be part of your delightful affair.