Wedding Photo Poses That Will Make You Look Good

Congratulations on getting married soon! Now’s the time when the actual planning starts, when you are constantly daydreaming about your dress, decor, venue, and so much more. While you are busy focusing on these many aspects, you shouldn’t forget about your photos. After all, they are real treasures that last for a lifetime life. Therefore, I always recommend couples to choose the best photographer and book them soon. If you have already booked one and are looking for some inspiration for the wedding photo poses, I am here to help. 

As a wedding photographer, I always plan before getting into the portrait session, which is typically detailed per the client’s preferences. It not only lets them relax, but it makes them forget that they are even having a photo session done. Here are a few of my favorite wedding photo poses you and your partner should consider:

Wrapping his arm

This great pose lets the couple easily get comfortable and loosen up. Wrapping his arm will help you tap into the connection during the shoot. This pose always gives beautiful photos! Moreover, you can also have your partner plant a temple kiss from behind, making it look even more awesome.

Groom’s arm around the bride

This is another variation where the groom can have his arms around the bride. I typically ask grooms to hold the bride in a hugging position. This posture is endearing and always works, no matter who’s the person hugging the other. The pose offers the perfect opportunity for a full-length portrait of the couple, so make sure you consider doing it.


I love this spinning bride pose; it looks even more gorgeous when the bride carries a long veil. Brides can pick up her dress, and the groom can do a little spin as the veil whirls around her. 

Eskimo Kiss

Nothing is sweeter than an Eskimo kiss. It’s purely magical! When the groom seals the deal on the big day, it can be closed with an Eskimo kiss. This photo can be taken after exchanging vows, creating unique and sweet memories.

Foreheads touching

Share an intimate moment with your loved one by standing with your foreheads touching and eyes closed. It makes for a great close-up with both bride and groom glowing and smiling!

Hands-on his chest

Looking for an intimate couple pose? Just lean onto your partner with your hands on his chest and his arm around your waist. You can both look into the camera, making everything seem even more stunning.

Temple kiss

Photographing kisses makes for stunning shots and is part of my to-do list. It is one such pose I can’t resist mentioning. A soft kiss on the temple is the perfect way to express your love and emotions. As a photographer, it is my duty to freeze this moment perfectly. Also, I always take it as an opportunity to get the perfect shot of the bridal bouquet.

Leaning on him

This is a great pose for a close-up photo that easily shows off your hair and makeup. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You can lean in on your partner for a kiss and let your photographer do all the magic.

Lifting up

This is my favorite shot because it always makes the bride giggle and smile. The groom can lift the bride up, holding her waist to make this pose work. He can wrap her arms around his neck and hold on tight. If you wish for a variation, you can have your partner spin as he holds onto you. It will get the veil flying around, which adds a playful touch!

Twirl shot

Gowns look gorgeous from every angle, but trust me, twirling is the only way to make them come to life. So you can twirl around like a ballerina and show off your dress. It is one of the fun wedding photo poses that will make you look like a princess. It is my favorite bridal portrait pose, especially when captured in outdoor settings. So do try it once!

Show the ring

One of the amazing shots during the celebration is when the couple shows off their rings. They are a symbol of eternity, so it is always a wonderful idea to let them show off their rings while holding onto each other.

Side by side

It is important to create a physical connection between them. So, if you want to have this pose, you can stand and gaze at each other while holding hands. Perhaps you can even wrap an arm around or lean towards each other. I recommend couples holding hands or caressing the face as it looks more natural and lovely. 

Under the veil

Couples under the veil make for classic, timeless, and romantic wedding photo poses. The best part? It is a great way to get the bridal veil in the shot. So don’t hesitate to get under it! You may even need assistance from your photographer, but the veil shots make for intimate and dreamy photos. When posing, you can touch foreheads, plant a kiss, or simply laugh candidly.

Walking shot

Walking photos look great, and holding your partner’s hand for such shots involving movements is good. Also, try to slow your pace and interact with each other. Walking in slow motion might initially feel strange, but it provides a unique opportunity for the product to capture timeless images and also reduce blurriness in the final photos.

Tips When Doing Wedding Photo Poses

Let us look at some of the things you might need to consider to let your shoot go off smoothly.

  • Keep it natural, and don’t be over-analytical to make yourself look better in front of the camera. 
  • Just relax! Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do different poses. 
  • Keep your makeup natural, accentuating your features and natural complexion. 
  • Ensure your bridal dress and tuxedo are comfortable to wear throughout the event. Uncomfortable clothes make couples uneasy, which also affects the quality of photos.
  • Lastly, be in the moment! It is because, as photographers, we love capturing genuine photos in the most splendid way possible. 

With this, I conclude some of my top favorite wedding photo poses. Plan ahead, and talk to your photographer about the ideas you have in mind to ensure stunning-looking shots. I hope the ideas I have shared will help you. Don’t forget to read through my next blog for more information and inspiring ideas.

Plus, if you are looking for a photographer to craft perfect timelines for the day along with more wedding picture ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.