Grant Park

One of the oldest and most popular parks in Atlanta, Georgia, is Grant Park. With its old oak trees, rich gardens, and serene lake, this approximately 130-acre property offers a unique combination of natural beauty and historic appeal. The Atlanta Zoo and Grant Park Recreation Center are located in the park, which increases its family-friendly appeal. The park’s foliage is either blossoming or displaying brilliant autumn hues throughout the spring and fall, which are the greatest seasons to visit.

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The Pros at Grant Park

Historic Charm: Grant Park’s rich history and classic architecture provide a unique and timeless backdrop for family photos. The park’s vintage gazebo, historic homes, and charming pathways add character to any photoshoot.

Family-Friendly Environment: The park is designed with families in mind, featuring playgrounds, open fields for picnics, and even the Atlanta Zoo, making it an enjoyable outing for everyone.

Accessibility: Located close to downtown Atlanta, Grant Park is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Ample parking and nearby amenities add to the convenience.

The Cons at Grant Park

Crowds: As a popular destination, especially on weekends and holidays, Grant Park can get crowded. This can make it difficult to find quiet, uninterrupted spots for photos.

Permit Requirements: For professional photography sessions, obtaining a permit is necessary. This involves additional planning and potential costs.

Weather Dependence: Like any outdoor location, the success of a photoshoot at Grant Park is weather-dependent. Rain or extreme temperatures can disrupt plans, so having a flexible schedule or backup location is advisable.


Grant Park is a great location for a family photo shoot since it combines natural beauty, historic charm, and a welcoming environment. Although weather and permission requirements must be considered and it can get crowded, the park’s varied and scenic locations make it a good place to capture priceless family moments. Grant Park has a distinctive blend of natural and historical features, making it an ideal setting for your family’s portrait.