Piedmont Park

Over 200 acres of lush green space, beautiful walkways, and stunning water features make up Piedmont Park, which is tucked away in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. This urban haven provides a multitude of breathtaking backdrops, such as the Atlanta skyline, colorful flower beds, and historic buildings. The park’s natural beauty is at its height in the spring and fall, making for a vivid and colorful backdrop for your photo shoot.

Piedmont Park’s official link: https://piedmontpark.org/

Image from Museum of Design

The Pros at Piedmont Park

Diverse Scenery: Piedmont Park offers a mix of landscapes, from open fields and wooded areas to serene lakes and gardens. This variety ensures that you can capture different moods and styles in your family photos.

Iconic Backdrops: The park features iconic landmarks like the Legacy Fountain, Lake Clara Meer, and the Atlanta skyline, offering unique and recognizable settings for your photos.

Family-Friendly Amenities: With playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking paths, Piedmont Park is designed with families in mind. This makes it easy to combine your photoshoot with a fun family outing.

The Cons at Piedmont Park

Crowds: Being one of Atlanta’s most popular parks, Piedmont Park can get crowded, especially on weekends and during events. This can make it challenging to find quiet spots for uninterrupted photoshoots.

Weather Dependency: Outdoor photoshoots are subject to weather conditions. Rain or extreme temperatures can disrupt plans, so having a flexible schedule or a backup plan is essential.

Permit Requirements: For professional photography, a permit may be required. This can add an extra step in your planning process and potentially an additional cost.


Piedmont Park is an excellent location for a family photoshoot, offering diverse and iconic scenery, easy accessibility, and family-friendly amenities. While crowds and weather conditions can pose challenges, careful planning and flexibility can help you make the most of this beautiful urban park. With its mix of natural beauty and historic charm, Piedmont Park provides a memorable and picturesque setting for capturing your family’s special moments.