How to Choose Wedding Photography Styles to Best Depict Your Special Day

When it comes to wedding photography styles, couples have different tastes. So, I couldn’t possibly pick one and claim it’s the best. The ideal style is chosen depending on people’s preferences as well as the event’s theme and design. Nowadays, couples throw quite unique and unconventional celebrations, so it’s no wonder the type of photography they choose varies significantly. 

However, one thing is always certain. You need to love your photographer’s style to be happy with the outcome. That being said, you should never even consider settling for anything that doesn’t suit your personal taste. After all, your special day is all about creating heartwarming memories you will want to remember for a lifetime. Therefore, you will expect photos that perfectly represent each and every moment! 

Although making the final decision can be hard, this guide I’ve created is meant to ease this process. Below, I have explained each photography style so you can find what really suits your taste. Hopefully, after reading the blog, you will know exactly what you want from your bridal photographs! 

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photography Style for Your Big Day

Today, photographers offer everything- from traditional to dark and moody wedding photography styles. So, when it comes to picking one, you might experience quite a struggle. You may want to have something more artistic but still stay close to classic. It is quite a difficult choice, and picking out a photographer can become one of your most daunting tasks (right after wedding planning!).

Nonetheless, you can always opt for a photographer who is willing to go above and beyond to create something that stands out. I’m not a big fan of editing trends, so I tend to follow my own instinct when it comes to making truly memorable and unique photographs. Many styles can be incorporated in an authentic way to make bridal memories exceptional! 

The most important thing is to know what you want so your photographer can deliver it to you. Looking into photography styles for weddings can help you find out exactly how you’d want your big day to be captured. 


Traditional and classic photography doesn’t involve a lot of creative elements in itself. The traditional style is generally straightforward and includes posing in front of the camera. This means that they don’t involve a lot of spontaneous moments, especially when it comes to shooting bridal portraits. 

However, among different wedding photography styles, the traditional one is always used in every celebration since it gives results that stand the test of time. Namely, every photographer captures at least one part of a union following the classic style. So, basically, it is one of the inevitable types of photography during a wedding. 

Plus, this way, you get the best shots depicting you, your partner, and your guests. It is a memory that speaks about your special day, the emotions you shared, and the feelings you had at that particular time.


This is one of the wedding photography styles that shows the most sincere and candid moments of the union. A photographer who follows this style focuses on spontaneous images that come naturally. Many couples want these kinds of photos because they want to see their celebration in a true light. 

Nonetheless, newlyweds rarely choose this style for their whole wedding. It provides magic to your whole bridal set of photographs, but you do not want only spontaneous images of your big day. You will want to depict things like hair, makeup, and bridal attire, and that is not shown through photojournalistic photography style. 

Dark and Moody 

Dark and moody is one of the photography styles for weddings seen in magazines. It includes harsh lines and shadows along with dark lighting. In other words, it’s a style that focuses on dark editing and shooting and involves different creative elements. Nowadays, there are couples who opt for this type of photography in an attempt to reach something more unique for their celebration. 

However, this style is not really preferred for portraits with guests since it includes some creative elements. So, when it comes to a whole celebration photography, it is mainly combined with classic and traditional styles. 

Fine Art 

Fine art has become quite popular these days because it is closely related to film. It involves bright tones and airy features. It is quite delicate and ideal for elegant affairs. Photographers like to include this style because it makes the final photos look amazing. Another unique style to opt for is combining fine art with traditional style. This is great because it closely resembles film, which is a remarkable choice if you’re looking for unique bridal shots.


Airy is among the major wedding photography styles because it provides a romantic effect, which is a necessary element of bridal photos. It is quite soft and delicate, and it includes pastel tones that bring impressive features to the images. I tend to combine this style in my editing because it lets me enhance the love story presented in the photographs. Couples love it because, among the different wedding photography styles, this one sparks natural romance in the portraits. 

True to Life

When you want photographs that show feeling more than anything, then you need a true-to-life style. I use it in my editing because it gives exceptional effects to portraits that make you feel like you’ve been present at the exact moment the image is taken. It’s also a style that never goes out of fashion and gives those timeless features every couple desires. I’m a big fan of true colors and real elements, so I incorporate this editing style frequently. 

Although picking the perfect one among various wedding photography styles is not an easy thing to do, relying on guidelines is always helpful. Don’t rush your decision because your photographs will be your unique memories you will cherish your whole life. Try to find what suits you best, but also choose a photographer you trust! 

If you need ideas about how your wedding timeline should look like, check out my next blog. And, to get more information about my photography services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.