Should You Do First Look Wedding Photos

Thinking about whether you should do first-look wedding photos or not is one of the biggest dilemmas couples face before the big day. Some of them don’t want to ruin the big ceremony moment when the groom first sees the bride. Others want to have an intimate moment away from all the preying eyes. In addition, some want to shorten the timeline and save some more time for dancing and other things which every celebration is made of. 

To be able to decide whether you want to do a first look, you need to look into the pros and cons of this concept. There are things you may want for your big day that you weren’t aware of before. Being informed about everything is essential to making the right decision. Your marriage celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and doing it right is crucial! 

So, I have included a list of advantages and disadvantages of doing first-look photographs. A clear overview of both sides can make your decision easier, and you’ll know exactly whether something like this should be part of your special day.

Pros of Doing First-Look Photographs 

Personally, I enjoy taking first-look wedding photos. To me, they are truly magical! Moreover, they carry something special with them, making the final outcome outstanding. However, there are many more advantages that some couples aren’t aware of. If you aren’t familiar with them, it is easy to decide to skip them and miss an incredible opportunity. 

Saving time on family portraits by having seen each other before the ceremony

Most couples don’t have enough time to enjoy the cocktail hour before the reception because they need to do a bunch of portraits with the guests. This can be quite overwhelming because we’re talking about a long time posing in front of the camera. By the time the reception begins, the bride and groom might already be exhausted. 

Nonetheless, seeing each other before the ceremony allows the couples to schedule their photoshoots at different times. In addition, this allows them to enjoy their special day in a more relaxed manner. First-look photos take loads of stress from the couple, so they are not tense while taking portraits with the rest of their wedding party. Plus, a stressed bride and groom situation can be seen in the photographs, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like to ruin your unique memories. 

You have an intimate moment that is only for you and your partner 

First-look wedding photos allow you to have a few intimate moments with your partner that are only yours. You might feel more comfortable when there’s no one around during these emotional times. While your celebration is a day dedicated to you, you may still want to have a moment with your spouse-to-be alone. Moreover, these photographs provide more candid and unique results. 

Getting tears out before the ceremony 

You surely don’t want to cry in your ceremony photographs and ruin your lovely appearance. While tears are a normal and sincere reaction, they might not be the look you want to have on your lifelong memories. However, with first-look pictures, you can get the tears out before the ceremony begins. Happy tears during an intimate moment are a better option than having a smudged appearance while saying “I do”. 

Numerous creative first-look wedding ideas

When you decide to do a first look, you have the option to get creative with these photographs. You can pick a scenic location or a place that’s important to both of you. You may even choose to exchange your wedding vows without any spectators. It is really up to you to pick how to make your first-look pictures more authentic and personalized.

First-look photos will make you calmer for the ceremony

First-look wedding photos can really do wonders for your nerves before the ceremony. As the ceremony approaches, you will get more and more nervous. One way to calm yourself is by taking a few moments alone with your partner. A first look can come really in-handy with the bridal jitters of the groom and the bride, especially when everyone around you is strictly focused on you.

Cons of Doing First-Look Photographs

Although first-look photos may come with great advantages, some things still worry couples. They are the leading cause of having second thoughts about including this part in your special day. 

Lose the chance of having the first emotional moments at the altar

Traditionally speaking, the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before the ceremony. That being said, the couple is expected to share their first emotional moments as the bride walks down the aisle. Delaying the moment of seeing each other builds up the anticipation, accumulating feelings of romance and excitement. If you decide on doing a first look, you don’t get the chance to have these moments. It’s the biggest pushback that makes couples think hard before making the final decision. 

Not having close people around for the special moment 

Some couples want to share the first moment with some of their closest people. Doing a first look means excluding them from the picture for moments alone. However, you should know that these photographs do not necessarily need to be done with only the two of you. If you want particular people by your side, you can have them there with you. It is your celebration, so you get to design the moment and incorporate the first-look wedding ideas you desire. 

Making the final decisions about your big day’s timeline is not an easy task, especially when it comes to first-look wedding photos. However, you shouldn’t forget that this is a day where you celebrate the love you share and the next chapter you begin. So, you get to create the celebration your way and achieve the union you have dreamed of! 

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