How to handle raining on the wedding day

Many couples are afraid of the very thought of rain on their special day. But what if it comes true? Such thoughts may keep you worried and anxious and dampen your dream plans. While you have no control over the weather conditions, a little drizzle doesn’t mean your celebration will be completely ruined. No matter the season you choose to tie the knot, there are some precautions you should always take to ward off raining on the wedding day. To help you plan an enjoyable affair, I’ve made a list of tips to allow you to embrace every raindrop. 

Check with your Venue

It’s always good to check with your venue about backup options if it is raining on the wedding day. An experienced venue will always have weather contingencies planned so you can relax. If you are hosting an outdoor affair, you can request they keep the backup ready for the tents. While it may seem like another expense, it is a handy solution that keeps everyone dry.

Be prepared with plan B

If you’re having a garden ceremony and your venue has organized outdoor drinks, check if there is another area for guests to mingle. All the vendors should be aware of the backup plans so everyone can be best prepared for a change of plan. 

Workout with your vendors

Make sure to discuss with all your vendors the provisions they have in case it is raining on wedding day. For example, check with the DJ or the band if they are ready to perform and see if the florist is prepared to reconsider the decor ideas. This will help you determine whether the team you’re bringing on board is able to fulfill any last-minute requirements.

Check the weather forecast.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast until your big day comes. It will be really helpful as you can adjust your plan accordingly, ensuring everything runs seamlessly.

Be ready with umbrellas.

How about the idea of using umbrellas as props in your rainy wedding photos? Wow! They won’t just keep you and your guest dry but will also help you create stunning photographs. So why not try getting color-coordinated umbrellas and add a pop of color to the setting?

Create warm settings

There is nothing better than cozying up the setting with hot cocoa, warm cider, and fire pits to keep your guests warm and toasty. Also, rain can bring in a lot of wind, so try bringing in extra blankets and towels to help them stay warm between activities. 

Hair & Makeup

Worried about your hair and makeup? I understand rain may not be your beauty’s best friend, but you can still look flawless even if it’s raining on your wedding day. Check with your stylist and ask them to use waterproof makeup. Moreover, opt for a trendy, messy bun or a flower crown that won’t fall apart from the wind. Also, I always recommend the groom opt for hairstyles that are as frizz-resistant as possible.

Be prepared for walkway safety.

It is always worth checking the walkways to the venue to see if they are safe for your guests in case they get wet and slippery. For example, if you are having an outdoor reception, you may source some non-slip material so your guests won’t have to walk directly on the wet grass. In addition, if your venue has lovely grounds that you would like to get photographed in, you’ll probably need to change your footwear. Be prepared and get wellies handy for a quick change. Some of my past brides have even color-coordinated wellies to match their decor, so feel free to consider that idea.

Rope in creativity with Photography

As a wedding photographer, I can proudly say some of the loveliest photos I have shot have been rainy wedding photos. If you doubt it, I can assure you – umbrella shots look great! It’s important to note that 99% of the time, it doesn’t rain consistently, so obviously, there are gaps you can use to move outdoors for more stunning photos. Also, I have a bubbly, cute, clear umbrella target that I will bring along if it’s raining. It provides full coverage with maximum visibility, so I am always relaxed with my equipment safety, and sessions are never interrupted. In case it’s raining on a wedding day, I always keep an eye on the weather so we can take shots between showers. Even if it drizzles, we can find an outdoor location with a cover to take perfect photographs.

Trust your photographer

Lastly, I would like you to see a couple of shots of my clients on their rainy marriage celebration. Do any of these people look miserable that it’s raining on their special day? No, because they all embrace the natural occurrence, determined to make the most out of it! 

Remember, it’s perfectly okay if it is raining on the wedding day. Don’t let the feeling of rain and changed plans overtake you. After all, the real reason behind this affair is to celebrate your love, so don’t let the weather spoil your and your guests’ mood. Also, your special day means everyone’s eyes will be on you, so try to stay upbeat. The best advice I usually give my clients is just to embrace it. When planning an outdoor event, you must accept nature in all forms, rain included! Although you can’t possibly prevent it, you can definitely control how you act about it. If you come up with an elaborate backup plan, trust me, it can give you the most gorgeous photos of all time. The best part? When it is raining on your wedding day, it will make for a great story to tell and rejoice with your children and grandchildren.

Finally, I have a message for you: no matter whether it ends up raining on your wedding day or not, just be happy and try to focus on using the weather to your benefit. In case you’re already planning for your celebration, let’s connect. I would love to join your new beginnings and be your photographer. Also, don’t forget to read through my next blog for more inspiring information.