The Country Club of the South

About the Venue

Nestled among beautiful pines, rolling hills, and shimmering streams lies The Country Club of the South, an exquisite wedding venue in Atlanta. Picture a setting that feels like a luxurious resort, where style, comfort, and exceptional service blend seamlessly to craft unforgettable memories. This venue, located in Johns Creek, is renowned as one of Atlanta’s premier wedding locations, thanks to its breathtaking natural surroundings and top-notch service. With a splendid ballroom, a grand patio that overlooks the 18th hole of a highly acclaimed golf course, and a four-bedroom guest Villa, it’s no surprise that The Country Club of the South has become the favored choice for couples seeking the ideal Alpharetta wedding venue to host an unforgettable wedding day.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

The Country Club of the South can host up to 500 guests in various event spaces. These spaces consist of three private rooms, a spacious ballroom, and outdoor areas on beautiful lawns. You can choose to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors in this resort-style setting with a cozy, modern rustic touch. Plus, a newly renovated bridal suite is included for your wedding.

Pricing and Packages

The wedding cost ranges from $15k to $20k for 100 guests according to Weddingwire and understanding the cost of hosting a wedding at The Country Club of the South in Atlanta is essential for couples planning their special day. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the estimated wedding costs based on a guest count of 100, according to Weddingwire:

Venue Rental: The largest portion of your budget is likely to go toward the venue rental fee. At The Country Club of the South, this fee typically covers the use of event spaces, including the grand ballroom, outdoor patio, and any additional private rooms. The cost can vary depending on the day of the week, the season, and the time of day you choose for your wedding. Weekend evening events often come at a premium.

Catering and Food Costs: The cost of catering and food service is another significant expense. It includes not only the meal but also hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and beverages. Many venues, including golf courses like The Country Club of the South, offer catering packages that may include different menu options and bar services. Couples can select from various dining styles, such as plated dinners, buffets, or food stations, which can influence the overall cost.

Beverages: Your wedding budget will also need to account for beverage costs. This can include alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, and cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic options such as soda, tea, and coffee. The pricing structure for beverages can vary, with some venues charging based on consumption and others offering package deals. Be sure to discuss your preferences and budget with the venue’s event coordinator.

Decor and Floral: The cost of decor and floral arrangements can vary widely depending on your chosen aesthetic and style. Some couples opt for lavish floral arrangements and extensive decor, while others prefer a more minimalist approach. Costs may include centerpieces, table linens, lighting, and any additional decor elements you wish to incorporate into your wedding design.

Entertainment and Music: If you plan to have live entertainment, a DJ, or a band, budget for their services. Musical entertainment can set the tone for your celebration and keep guests entertained throughout the event.

Photography and Videography: Capturing the moments of your special day is essential. It’s important to allocate a budget for professional photography and videography services to ensure you have lasting memories of your wedding.

Additional Costs: Don’t forget to account for miscellaneous expenses such as wedding attire, invitations, transportation, and wedding favors. These smaller details can add up and should be included in your overall budget.

It’s important to note that wedding costs can vary significantly based on your preferences, location, and the specific services and vendors you choose. Additionally, The Country Club of the South may offer different wedding packages and options to accommodate varying budgets and requirements. Working closely with the venue’s event coordinator can help you tailor your wedding to fit within your desired cost range while still creating a memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

Reviews and Testimonials

The Country Club of the South always proves to be an exceptional choice for couples weddings. The venue’s beauty, spaciousness, and scenic golf course view immediately won their hearts. Rafael, the dedicated guide throughout the process, helped with menu selections, bar options, table settings, and ceremony arrangements, resulting in a beautifully executed day. The open bar and incredible food added to the perfection of the experience. Rafael’s exceptional service even included a surprise that enhanced their dream wedding. Meanwhile, the freshly painted ballroom and renovated bar were delightful surprises. The outdoor patio and yard were ideal for happy hour, and the villa rental for getting ready added to the convenience. The Country Club of the South and Rafael’s team truly made their weddings special and unforgettable.

Photo Opportunities

When considering a wedding venue at a golf course like The Country Club of the South, you’ll find an array of picturesque settings that can enhance your wedding photography experience:

The Golf Course: The lush golf course itself is a prime attraction for couples seeking stunning backdrops and natural light for their wedding photography. The vast greenery, rolling hills, and serene streams provide a beautiful canvas for capturing the magic of your special day. A particularly enchanting time for photographs is during a sunset portrait session, where the warm, golden hues of the setting sun can create breathtakingly romantic photos. At The Country Club of the South, there are numerous spots to choose from, but one standout location is nestled between the bridal suite room and the grand ballroom area. This spot offers a harmonious blend of nature and elegance, making it ideal for capturing timeless moments.

The Grand Ballroom: While outdoor photography is captivating, the grand ballroom offers a distinct indoor space that’s perfect for creative and elegant portraits. The ballroom’s architecture and decor provide a refined backdrop for capturing the grace and sophistication of your wedding day. The abundance of space and lighting options allows for a variety of artistic shots, making the grand ballroom a versatile choice for indoor photography.

The Main Entrance: The entrance to the club is another compelling area for photography. It provides a different landscape compared to the golf course, allowing for a diverse range of shots. This can be a great location for welcoming photos as guests arrive at your wedding venue. Additionally, if you’re interested in capturing images of the groom and his party, the groom’s suite offers an ideal setting for candid and posed shots.

The First Tee: For golf enthusiasts or those looking for unique photo opportunities, the first tee of the golf course can be an exciting spot. It can symbolize the beginning of your journey together as a married couple. You can use golf-themed props or simply take advantage of the golf course’s scenic beauty to create memorable images.

Ultimately, The Country Club of the South, with its combination of natural beauty, elegant indoor spaces, and golf course charm, offers a diverse range of locations to ensure your wedding photos reflect the unique essence of your special day.