The Inn at Serenbe

History of the venue

In 1991, Steve and Marie Nygren bought a memorable ranch during a family outing, prompting the introduction of The Motel and Farmhouse at The Inn at Serenbe. Their process started with the remodel of a 1940s farmworker’s bungalow into Mimosa Cabin and the change of a noteworthy horse shelter into The Visitor House. By 1994, end of the week excursions transformed into a full-time migration to “The Homestead.” Redesigns incorporated the reclamation of the primary 1905 noteworthy farmhouse and nurseries planned by Ryan Gainey. In 2006, The Farmhouse Café opened, spearheading ranch-to-table dining. The Hotel multiplied in size in 2015, adding rooms and conveniences. In 2023, a subsequent pool and hot tub for grown-ups are set to open, which will enhance the Serenbe experience.

Reception and Ceremony Spaces

The Inn at Serenbe gives you a choice of six wonderful wedding areas settled inside its grounds. Whether you imagine exchanging vows in the midst of the general slopes and lavish woodlands of Serenbe, favor the comfortable closeness of an intimate setting, or want the immortal style of the Oak Assembly hall, Serenbe Motel guarantees your big day is downright remarkable. Pick the scenery that resonates with your romantic tale and let Serenbe Hotel set up the wedding of your dreams.

The Hotel Patio: For a personal service or mixed drink hour, the Motel Yard is a captivating setting. Lavish vegetation, peaceful wellsprings, and entrancing vibrations make a heartfelt ambiance.

 Oak Room: Ideal for indoor services, the Oak Room highlights uncovered wood pillars and huge windows that occupy the room with normal light. It brings a warm and friendly environment to the occasion being celebrated.

Pergola: Hold your ceremony under a beautiful pergola in the motel’s nursery. With sprouting blossoms and a private horizon, it’s a fantastic setting for a heartfelt function.

Structure: The Motel’s structure gives a roomy and rich setting for your gathering. Surrounded by rich nurseries, it includes a glass wall that faces the outside which creates a beautiful flow.

Pricing and Packages

A wedding at The Inn at Serenbe Inn could cost around $30,000, covering 125-person attendees for a 6-hour occasion on a Saturday night, comprehensive of top-rack bar choices, a smorgasbord feast, standard bloom bundle, materials, and tables. Extra costs like transportation, diversion, and tents are excluded. Office rental charges range from $4,500 to $6,000 for Fridays and Saturdays, depending upon visitor count, with Sundays potentially costing from $2,500 to $4,000. For catering, the in-house cook, Gloriosa, can whip up meals per individual going from $150 to $225, barring refreshments. Different overhauls and customization choices are also accessible. Refreshments and liquor bundles start at $14 per individual.

Reviews and Testimonials

The Inn at Serenbe Inn has received positive reactions and genuine appreciation from couples and visitors alike, highlighting its capacity to make unprecedented wedding encounters. David and Sarah said that their Serenbe Inn wedding was a little glimpse of heaven, with the Pleasant Yard and Oak Room setting an enchanting and unique atmosphere, improved by the kind staff and Serenbe’s regular excellence. Essentially, Michael and Emily viewed Serenbe as the ideal spot for their celebrations, with the pergola and gazebo giving a rich background, joined by great food. Meanwhile, Christopher and Jessica showed their love for Serenbe Inn for transforming their fantasy wedding into a reality, displaying the place’s commitment to creating breathtaking and cherishing festivities custom-made to each couple. These valid tributes reflect Serenbe Inn’s faithful obligation to conveying excellent and customized wedding encounters.

Photo Opportunities

Shooting the lifelong snapshots of your big day is a loved custom, and Serenbe Her Motel gives loads of chances to take incredible pictures.

Yard of the Motel: The hotel’s appealing patio is the best area for a heartfelt night, with rich foliage, a tranquil wellspring, and an intimate vibe.

The Oak Room: Its rural allure, with a wealth of beautiful light, makes a warm and welcoming photograph foundation.

Gardens: Serenbe’s very much kept gardens give various phenomenal photograph choices, including a pergola that fills in as an appealing scenery for open air photos.

Structure: The glass walls of the structure allows you to partake in the excellence of nature while giving shade.

Serenbe Scene: The wavelike slopes, climbing ways, and all encompassing vistas of Serenbe offer sufficient chances for superb outdoor photography.

The Inn at Serenbe is the best place for couples searching for a wedding scene that integrates rustic appeal and extravagance. With a shining history, different occasion spaces, adjustable prices, and extraordinary views, this is the spot to make your wedding wishes work out beyond expected. Your romantic tale deserves something as ardent and lovely as this.